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Mary H Storms

Mixed Media Abstract Artist

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Mary Storms
Artist Statement

Mary Storms expresses her artistic vision through abstract mixed-media landscapes.  As a self-taught artist, with a degree in biology, Mary is intrigued and inspired by the natural environment. Her intent is to provide the viewer with a sense of the symbiotic relationship between primeval elements - stone, soil, water and sky - and the life these elements nurture.

Mary’s canvases are noted for their rich textures and intense color, from bold and vibrant to quiet and subdued. In addition to acrylic paint, she uses sculpting paste, along with layers of torn or cut handmade paper and recycled magazine paper. To add additional depth, portions of some layers are scrubbed or scraped off. Paint is applied with brushes, palette knives and her hands.

Mary’s award-winning work has been exhibited in multiple venues throughout North Carolina and is included in many local, national, and international private collections. She is currently represented by Gallery444 in San Francisco, CA and the Sunset River Marketplace in Calabash, NC. In addition to these two galleries, select pieces can also be viewed by appointment at her home studio in downtown Raleigh. All of her work can be viewed on her website.

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