Teresa S. Stephens

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Teresa S. Stephens

Photographer of moments/Artist/Mom

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I was born on the west coast, raised on the east coast in New England, schooled on the west coast and am now happily living back on the east coast. My husband & I moved our family to North Carolina in the fall of 1997. We lived in Cary (right downtown) then Apex (actually out in the county) and are now happily living in a highrise in downtown Raleigh in the Glenwood South neighborhood since the summer of 2012.

My dad gave me my first camera when I was 16 so he could get his back from me & I haven’t stopped since. To earn a living, I spent the better part of 25 years in human resources working within the lines. Now I get to find my own. During this time, I married a fabulous man who embraces the artist in me, had 3 fabulous daughters that I love more than life, found wonderful friends, a loving family and realized that I am a very lucky gal. I am thankful everyday for all of the gifts that have found themselves to my doorstep.

Several years ago, I found that the corporate path I had been walking was not as welcoming as it had been and it was now time to choose a different path. As I have been randomly photographing the world around me for more than 35 years as a hobby it seemed a perfect path to wander down. With encouragement from family, friends & strangers I have been lucky enough to continue exploring my craft while sharing my version of the world with others. Beauty, in all it’s forms, happens in a moment.

I find so much to be wonderous & amazing that I want to capture my view of it to share with everyone I can. When I tell people that I am a photographer, I am often asked what kind of photographer. After careful consideration, I have determined that there does not seem to be a theme to my work and because the only thread tying my over 40,000 images together is me, I say that I am a photographer of moments; moments you didn’t know you wanted to think about.

Teresa S. Stephens: moment photographer, wonder aficionado and avid shoe wearer.