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Self Employed Owner of Independent Designs, Graphics, And Forms

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Painting Drawing Photo Editing Writing Graphic Design Photography Poetry Vocals

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Lead everything at Independent Designs, Graphics, and Forms. I occasionally draw or paint something and sell it to make money. I do not look too deep into work where there is an insistence on “creative expression, impressionism, or abstraction”, or put any of that “feelings” disease into it.
An airbrush practitioner that can create various medium effects with the use of just an airbrush. From classical, to watercolor, and landscapes. I also use any type of material or item to paint on such as a canvas’s of all sizes, helmets, walls, and miniature models. .
I am well versed in many mediums such as:
• Airbrush
• Drawing – Graphite and Charcoal
• Painting
• Illustration
• Graphic Design
• Photography
• Writing
• Skilled in the use of Adobe Suite programs.

Graduate of the University of Mount Olive 2018 - Bachelors of Fine Art / Undergraduate in Business Management