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Guitar Percussion Painting String Instruments Piano Rap Vocals Drawing

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"Diggity is the most prolific and extroverted song writer of his generation. Noted for his poignant performance and unrivaled energy, his shows are truly transcendental. A master at all stringed instruments, percussion, and exotic sounds; he truly dissolves into his music. You may have heard of him for his work in : Bacon and Wine , The Knews, Shading Daisy, TarXanz, or his impressive personal library of KNEW THERAPY music (KnewTherapy.Bandcamp.com). A true shining star in Raleigh, Diggity works harder and longer than any musician you have ever met. If you want real, raw, undeniable POWER added to your Band, Song, or show, Diggity can do it all. With over 10 years of Producing/Engineering there is nobody else who can hear the diamond in your sound and polish that bish into a stunning piece of art. We all thought original amazing music was dead, then we found DIGGITY." --- The New York Times