Noah Kahlil

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Noah Kahlil

Singer | Songwriter | Producer | Guitarist

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Noah Kahlil is a 25-year old singer/songwriter/guitarist from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, currently living in Los Angeles, California. Noah has met various people who inspire his sound and motivate him to push his creative limits to cultivate an artistic identity. With musical influences including Frank Ocean, Travis Scott, Kanye West, and Kehlani, Noah’s music disregards the boundaries between Pop and R&B. Currently he’s working on his catalog and looking to bring in people to develop a community focused on creativity and expression. In his own words, Noah “makes music because [he] feels like that’s [his] point in the world, and hopefully the music brings some color to the lives of others.” His music reflects his deep introspection on the journey of the human soul, detailing the hardship of navigating young adulthood, friendships, and love.

“Whatever chapter you're on, keep writing.”