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Jennifer Markowitz is a textile artist whose current project, “Fleshmap: My Embroidered, Bipolar Geographies” consists of a large series of hand embroidered panels mapping years/countries/cities she lived in while battling bipolar disorder. She is a 2019 Brightwork Fellow at Anchorlight and a recipient of the 2018 Career Development Grant from United Arts.Her work has been shown at VAE Raleigh, The Humanities Center and the Weems Art Gallery.

Before turning to textiles, Jennifer spent 25 years directing environmental theatre in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles as well as in England, Scotland, Ireland and Israel. In England, where she received her Master’s Degree in Theatre Research/Practice at the University of Warwick, she formed a site-based theatre company called Trema (a German term referring to both stage-fright and the moment prior to a psychotic break). With Trema, she directed site-responsive productions throughout the Midlands of the UK.

Jennifer has taught Performance Theory, Acting, Directing, Theatre Studies, Site-Based theatre and Postdramatic Theatre in the UK at the universities of Warwick, Birmingham, Manchester, Portsmouth and Plymouth. She has also taught Practice as Research methodologies and Site-Based Performance to MA Students in Reykjavik, Iceland. In the US, she both taught acting, performance theatre and guest directed at DePaul University, Columbia College Chicago and University of Notre Dame.