Josh Mason

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Josh Mason

Graphic Design / Abstract Photographer

Member since Dec 5, 2018

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Josh Mason is a Freelance Graphic Designer and Abstract Photographer working out of a Studio in Raleigh, North Carolina, US, under the company moniker of Josh Mason Design.

Josh Mason Design or JMD, was founded in October 2012, with a focus on working with solo-artists, and bands in the music industry to create everything from album covers, brand identities, merchandise, and other media. JMD’s goal is to give the music a visual aid to be associated with the artist or band to breathe new life into the ever expanding soundscape that is the music industry.

JMD believes in - “Your idea. Your design. Every time.” Your artwork is a reflection of you. Let’s make something unique to you, that will stand the test of time, and showcase what you have a give to the world.