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Beth Barger

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After earning her Fine Arts Degree from East Carolina University in Graphic Design, Beth Barger began her career in advertising and design. Beth's art calling was interrupted during the last 16 years of her career while she applied her subjective problem-solving skills to human resource challenges for an international corporation. In going full circle, she is returning to the fine arts to pursue her painting passion.

With today's hectic, automated and machine-made world, Beth paints as a way to celebrate the wonders of life. Through her paintings she strives to give others a reason to step out of the hustle and bustle to contemplate the beauty found in the way the landscape changes as the sun moves across the sky, the warm shadows that embrace a treasured home place, or the sparkle of whiskers on a much loved family pet.

Beth was born in Syracuse, New York. As a Navy dependent, she enjoyed experiencing life in a variety of coastal towns before she settled with her husband in Apex, North Carolina.