Brandon Wesley Mckay

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Brandon Wesley Mckay

Pop Pointillist, Mixed Media Artist, and sometimes WoodWorker

Member since Jan 2, 2019

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Graphic Design Acting Photo Editing Vocals Theatre Sculpture Painting Drawing Percussion

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An artist based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Brandon specializes in Acrylic, Mixed Media, and Woodworking. His work has appeared in numerous shows and events across the Triangle, including Crave 2016 ( which he also helped plan in conjunction with Oak City Arts Collective ) , numerous Crepe Myrtle Festival charity functions, and what was once Hadley's Bar ( Yeah that place definitely isn't there anymore. )

Formerly, Brandon created artworks in Charlotte, NC. He was featured in The Artist Station, and was a part of several small projects involving film, music, and print in either a creative or design capacity. He would say that it wasn't until he moved back to Raleigh that his work truly flourished and progressed, and that he wishes he had moved back sooner.