The 2nd Row

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The 2nd Row

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The 2nd Row is a Raleigh-based alternative rock band focusing on blending new progressive sounds with the recognizable drive of 90s and 00s rock. Their music and lyrics reflect parts of the human experience and how these experiences change as technology and society progress.

The 2nd Row began as a cover band formed by members Dawud on bass, James on guitar, and Ezra on the drums. Influenced by punk and alternative rock bands such as Blink 182, Fall Out Boy, and Foo Fighters, the band began practicing and playing covers and honing their skills in the high-energy world of rock music.

In 2018, The 2nd Row added Jack on a second guitar and Matias as their vocalist to complete the five-piece ensemble. Now that the band finally felt complete, The 2nd Row began making original music that steered slightly away from their punk roots and into the world of alt/hard rock.