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Hey y'all! My name is Veronica, but everybody just calls me V- so feel free to do the same!

As you can see, I listed my skills as guitar, rap, stand-up comedy, and web design. I wanted to clarify that I'm not an expert in any of these things. These are things I have either experimented with in the past and have a liking for, or things that I am looking to develop and improve on overtime. If you're looking for an expert, then I am currently not your gal. If you're looking for a pal with similar interests, I am definitely your gal. Can you tell I'm new here?

Other stuff about me:
- I'm currently attending Wake Tech to get my associate's degree in Web Design
- I work as a cook in a restaurant.
- I'm an Aquarius (for anybody who cares about that kind of thing)
- I love hats. All kinds of hats. I just love them. Beanies, snapbacks, dad-hats, hell I'd probably even wear a bucket hat. I don't know, man. I just love hats.

That's honestly all I can think to put in a bio. Man, writing Tinder bios felt easier than this. But hey, I'm gonna try and be around Imurj as often as possible, and I really hope to meet tons of wonderful people there! :) Not sharing any of my social media until I have a chance to delete all my posts from 2012 so that the media doesn't expose me.