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Writing Spoken Word Poetry


I'm more of an artist in disguise and starting out with the practical part of it. Have been a poet at heart and lover of the arts for almost twenty years, though. :-)

Apart from that, I've been working in journalism, public relations and communication for the past 10 years and studied German Language and Literature, Art History and Media Sciences.

I moved to Raleigh in February 2018 from Germany together with my husband for his work and have just started to explore this town's artistic and creative side. Looking forward to all there is to discover. :-)

I'm interested in all things weird, quirky, artsy, special, spiritual, in the dark, mysterious and hidden sides of our personalities and minds and I love to talk about psychological and philosophical stuff and about the important things in life.

Visited the Poetry Slam at Imurj on March 3rd 2018 for the first time and was instantly hooked, inspired and deeply touched by all the funny, sad and truthful words and the charming, authentic and brave poets on stage. Someday, I'll be up there, too.