Nick Osetek

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Nick Osetek

Freelance Illustrator, Printmaker & Fabricator

Member since Mar 19, 2019

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Nick Osetek is a visual artist working in Raleigh, North Carolina. He received his Bachelors of Fine Arts from Appalachian State University in the spring of 2016 and works primarily in drawing, printmaking and fabrication. With a passion for vintage, archaic machinery and time spent in the belly of an Apache Longbow Attack Helicopter, Osetek's work pays close attention to detail and a careful composition of the parts and pieces that make up a whole, yet balances out by embracing chaos and unpredictability. Osetek draws inspiration from science fiction, horror and darker elements of the natural world and reanimates these influences with themes of myth, nostalgia and anatomy. Currently, he is honing his pen and ink drawing to the molecular level, researching sustainable printmaking and engineering custom printing presses from found materials while developing his portfolio for graduate school.