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Lindsey received her BFA as a visual artist at the Mason Gross School of Art at Rutgers University with a concentration in Printmaking. Since then she had a long career as a sportswear design in the fashion biz in NYC before moving down to Cary, NC in 1998.
2 kids later, finding herself as an empty-nester with a great studio space available in her townhome, and she is back to her roots. Drawing at live model sessions and painting every chance she gets.

During the Covid-19 Stay-at-Home orders, Lindsey began a series of called "How It Used To Be"of large-scale acrylic paintings of people gathered at cafes, bars, and restaurants, like it used to be Pre-COVID.

Other themes Lindsey has worked on most recently include a series called "Not Forgotten" depicting homes and buildings in Cary, NC that have historic significance.
Lindsey also enjoys painting portraits of pets, showing their personalities. People rightly call their pets, furbabies because in many cases they treat the pet as they would a child. These portraits are especially great as gift if someone has lost a pet, or has just received one.