B.D.U.B (Brilliance Derived Under Beats)


B.D.U.B (Brilliance Derived Under Beats)

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B.D.U.B (Brilliance Derived Under Beats), is a Raleigh-Durham, NC based Rapper/ Producer/ Recording engineer/Musician/Director and valued member of the City Live Media Group. Born and raised in the DC area B.D.U.B grew up influenced by various music genres including Hip Hop, Funk, R&B, DC Go Go and Classical music.

He discovered a talent for the piano at 8 years old and began classical training on the instrument. Writing rhymes at 16 he realized he didn't have original beats so he started making them. After high school he went to Durham, NC as a student at NC Central University honing his craft as an artist as well as behind the camera.

B.D.U.B's production style incorporates a mixture of lush and melodic chords, live instruments and samples, hard hitting percussion and thumping bass lines. Lyrically his style and penchant for word play and witty punchlines matches the complexity of his musical arrangements.

Not limited to just the recording studio B.D.U.B has produced, written, directed and edited television shows, TV commercials, music videos, short films and scored a few independent films. He has worked with numerous artist including Camp Lo, Big Daddy Kane, Organized Konfusion, Akinyele & Jungle Bros.