Megan Crist

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Megan Crist

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I’m a photographer, a writer, a designer, a pastry maker, a vegetarian, a millennial, and a toddler mom, who strives to live a sustainable lifestyle.

I love live music, art, reading books, learning new things, going to museums, the ECG, and beach trips in the fall.

I hate waste, Brussel sprouts, and mansplainers.

I studied photography at the School of Visual Arts and have been enamored ever since. Music photography was one of my first loves. I also spent some time working on weddings and portraits as a member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association. Most recently, I have been focusing on personal fine art endeavors.

I moved to the Raleigh area about a year ago and I love the creative personality that shines in this city. I'm glad to be here.