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Will Kelly

Multi-instrumentalist, Singer, Songwriter, Luthier, Writer, Guitar Tech, Media Consultant

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I have been an active performer, songwriter and artist for over twenty years. I'm a Feature Writer as well as the Monthly Repair Columnist for Vintage Guitar Magazine, plus the Author of several Guitar Repair Books. I work with Artists who are Grammy award winners, members of the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, CMA winners and various other notables in the Music Industry.

I write and perform on many different instruments, from all manners of stringed models from Mandolin to Guitar and Bass, keyboard instruments like Piano and Organ, and sing lead and harmony vocals. I've performed up and down the East Coast both with Bands and Solo.

My tunes listed here are all written, arranged, performed and produced by myself. All instruments are being played by me, from keyboards to stringed instruments, and all vocals are mine. The ONLY exception is the song, "Dance with Me tonight" which features Rick Vito (Fleetwood Mac, Bob Seger, Bonnie Raitt) playing lead slide guitar.

I have unusually close connections to the music and publishing business, being in the business myself. I have access to a lot of accomplished musicians all across the world to collaborate with but I'm looking for some local talent to work with. I'm interested in people who can write, sing and play original material that is unique and engaging. I'm focused on the more commercial aspects of songcraft and creation, and all material is typically oriented towards a professional audience.