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Raleigh singer-songwriter, Safi, is the epitome of the fusion of modern Pop and traditional RnB movements. Discovering his talents at the early age of 13, he decided to embark on a journey towards becoming an artist, and since then has honed his skills and drive to fulfill those ambitions and visions. His pieces reflect the energetic nature of Pop and the self-empowerment RnB always seeks to provide its fans. Safi’s inspiration stems from core passions and personal encounters of life experiences. Being true to his name which means “pure,” Safi strives to display authenticity in both his original lyrics and style. Influenced by rebirths of traditional genres, he is of the few upcoming artists who successfully strings together the hardships and adventures of reality in ways that promise hope and radiance on the horizon. Safi’s works are novel illustrations that purposefully carry audiences to seek out self-reflection and take on the rhythm of life. He aims to captivate the hearts, minds, and souls of fans and first-time listeners alike. With 12 singles cued for release, Safi is ready to flood the shelves and take the industry by storm.