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Lakeshia T. Reid

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As a daughter of immigrants, growing up in North Carolina with a family steeped in tradition and Guyanese culture left me with many questions concerning identity. Art became the vehicle for me to address those issues and the unexpected jump from Graphic Design to Fine Art resulted in a thesis defense titled In Search of Self: The Discovery of an Identity and the group exhibition Departure.
My work has taken on a few forms in an attempt to challenge perceptions of self with multiple layers of texture, color and pattern distinguishing my surface design-influenced work. I draw inspiration from my surroundings, particularly the people and the ways they express their identity.
I combined craft, design, printmaking, and painting techniques in the hopes of creating work that focused less on the outward appearance and more on inner significance. Each piece from my Kaleidoscope series was an invitation to explore the place where emotion transcended the substrate and the viewer was asked to rethink what they saw within each silhouette.
I am now focusing on the outward appearance, particularly as it relates to our social media identities. While we‘re attempting to craft our story, our followers are developing their own from our images and adding embellishments. Using layers of cast resin, embroidery, collage/ephemera and paint I hope to explore the transforming relationship between social media and the self; the thinning border between reality and perception. Where at once we could only exist at one point in time, we can now craft permanent records of ourselves via our digital footprint. Despite the fragility of this sense of self, it is ours to project to the outside world and somewhere between the layers hides who we really are.