Annelies M Gentile

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Annelies M Gentile

Integrative Coach, Consultant Facilitator & Visionary Artist :: aka: Process Artist

Member since Mar 31, 2017

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Inspired by quantum physics, natural patterns and the creative process itself, Annelies is driven to understand, share and study, through artful experiences- how life functions, expands, grows and can transform our deepest desires. Annelies is the ultimate process artist, creating for experience verses solely for product.

Although she has worked with varied product-based mediums before, from copper to photography, plaster and paint, to hair and make-up on Broadway. Today- for her, it's about exploring HOW creativity leads to learning and transformation. Her most recent painting series, called Fractal Touchables, is only painted live and when dry, is used to help her clients problem-solve from a creative perspective.
Her art is as dynamic and inspiring as Annelies herself and in the past, has been featured in multiple gallery shows and businesses including the Fearrington Village, Visual Art Exchange, Bickett Gallery, Neomonde, Tasca Brava and the UAE embassy in Washington DC.

Her education includes master's degree in coaching, graduate studies in transformative leadership, conflict resolution/peacebuilding, creative process and (the best education EVER) around-the-world learning from traveling to most US states and 22 countries and counting!

Annelies M Gentile, MA, ACC is an ICF certified leadership coach, consultant, facilitator, visionary artist and CEO of Conduit for Change LLC. Her art has evolved as much as she, throughout the years. Although her art-based website is in transition, feel free to view her creative breadth at AND her coaching/consulting site at

Her favorite daily medicine is nature. Her secret-sauce to success is compassion. Annelies lives in Raleigh with her hammock-hanging sweetie Greg Whitt of Drum for Change.