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Stephanie Hester

Artist; Speaker; Team Builder

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Stephanie Hester has been speaking and facilitating team building workshops for over 20 years. She has worked with Fortune 500 and Inc. 500 companies including IBM, Genworth Financial, and iContact, and has been a keynote speaker at regional and national conferences.

An authentic, tell-it-like-its speaker, Stephanie brings laughter, joy, and audacity into women’s lives and the companies for which they work.

Stephanie has a passion for wellness, which she sees as the foundation on which we build our lives and careers.

Stephanie began painting as a way to process her PTSD and soon discovered an incredible avenue for self-expression and storytelling. She then incorporated this modality with her team building background. Now people in companies of all sizes get to connect, celebrate, and collaborate through color.

Her unique style instantly engages her audience and leaves them with practical and actionable steps to help them be more engaged and passionate in their lives and their work.

A corporate consultant and entrepreneur who runs two businesses, Stephanie understands how to relate to her audience, whether they are executives, managers, or employees who need encouragement, to become more passionate about their company and their work.