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Shirley Galbrecht

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Writing Vocals Painting

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Currently, I'm most interested in creating oil pastels, a medium much more challenging than is commonly known. I love the direct contact I feel working the oils onto the support with my fingers. Although I've worked with a lot of subjects and mediums, I'm most interested in landscapes where I see a strong connection between nature and spirit. I hope my joy of nature comes through to the viewer as a celebration of what I feel and see when I absorb natural beauty with my senses. My favorite artist quote comes from Elliot Daingerfield, "Art is the principle flowing out of God through certain men and women by which they perceive and understand the beautiful. The office of the Artist is to express the beautiful." There are many definitions of art but this one rings true for me.

Like many artists, I like to express myself in more than one artistic form. I'm a writer and a singer. I have a BFA from Barton College where I studied graphic design and many other applications of visual art including sculpture, photography, painting, print making and ceramics. Thank you for viewing my work and getting to know a little about me.