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Brennan is a raleigh musical artist that performs original singer-songwriter material as 'Savage'. He calls his style 'heart music' as it has much to do with human emotion and the varying perspectives of love. He is also a founding member of the band 'Retro Candy' for which he writes, sings, and plays electric guitar. He also beatboxes at local schools with Transit Vocal Band and performs in two duos, one called 'Unironically Ironic' and another with Adam Lee Decker.

He also considers himself a mathematical philosopher and plans to 'wake the world up' in 2020 by publishing a book titled 'Zero = Infinity'

Brennan will be going on an extensive soul-journey to Turkey, India, and Nepal and will be out of the country from mid-June until January 2017. He plans to return to Raleigh in January and pursue a career as a full-time musician.