Trey Ansley III

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Trey Ansley III


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Drawing Painting Spoken Word Graphic Design Photography

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Artist, Designer, Photographer, Off-Duty Poet in the Raleigh area.

I try to explore art in general, in its broadest interpretation. Everything from Beat-Production, to Cistern Chapels. Firm believer that we will always be students and that even a fool can teach you something.

Honestly it can be tough to describe my style, but I will say depth, movement, and numbers are of upmost interest.

Skill Set / Style:
+Drawing/ Painting:
-Expressionistic-surrealism, ...with Typo-glyphic tendencies.

+Graphic Design:
-Contemporary design with Grunge undertones. More than likely, post-modernism as a cousin once

-Candid Street Landscapes with occasional Event Photography.

- Primarily Free Verse
Second Sun, Haiku.
Natural roots are Spoken.