Liv Taylor Hockaday

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Liv Taylor Hockaday

Artist + Designer

Member since Apr 21, 2017

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Drawing Painting Graphic Design

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Artist + Designer based in Raleigh, NC. Focus on Abstract & Human forms, mainly through acrylic & watercolor exploration. I love the control I get through digital work but the primal quality of painting, the mess and the awareness of your body that comes out of the experience, means a lot to me. I have always been a very visual/kinesthetic person with an extensive dance background so I'm always really passionate when I have the opportunity combine these skill sets and interests. I like having balance; in the way I spend the 24 hours I receive each day, in the plate of food I eat for dinner and the mediums I create work with. Changing gears and challenging myself to understand new concepts/methods is really important to me.

My favorite hobby is creating false narratives around strangers or found objects.
I grew up with imaginary friends which I think is the root of why I love the pursuit of a good story. Skeletons mean a lot to me, almost as much as eating an avocado every day.