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My name is Netiti Moori; I am a handcraft artist residing in Durham, NC. My talent was first recognized by my friends and family members in my early twenties. In the pursuit of further refining my skills, I attended the Penland Art and Craft School, Asheville, NC, and the Pullen Art Center, Raleigh, NC. I later earned my first gallery recognition at the Visual Art Exchange in Raleigh, NC.
All the art jewelry pieces I design and make are one-of-a kind. The design process is often steered by cultural ties, and from time to time spiced with emotions. I am often inspired by geometric forms that symbolize creation, of which I am convinced could be highlighted with the incorporation of gemstones, pearls and/or metal.
Having explored and worked with different materials, I have come to discover my fondness for wood. The beauty of wood is that it is natural and very forgiving, which adds a distinctive and organic feel to the jewelry. It more than often inspires me and elevates the level of creativity in my jewelry.
My goal as an artist has been to create jewelry that captures an individual’s style and embraces their uniqueness. I strongly believe that everyone strives to create and sustain a rewarding self-image; and it has been my dream to help celebrate that creativity.