Juno Izova

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Juno Izova

Hip Hop Artist

Member since May 5, 2017

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Izova- The name speaks for itself...It's Over. Born in Maryland, Raised in Philly, Seasoned in NC. I try to appeal to the masses without sacrificing myself while doing it. A lot of my music is heart felt and very relatable. I started developing my love for music back in Philly. I was 10 when I stumbled into my older brothers room full of studio equipment. Of course, back then I was too young to be taken seriously, so I watched patiently from the sideline. Eventually it became my time, not long after my junior year in college. Some of the songs you will hear are off of my first 2 mix tapes. The new album is coming soon with a little more substance and creativity -The Awakening-