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As an African American artist, Clarence James is particularly influenced by the history and culture of African Americans, Africans, black and colored peoples across the globe. The struggles and triumphs of the African American experience lay the context for perseverance in the face of adversity, healthy skepticism, pragmatism, creation and the courage to fight for the basic needs of life and liberty. Fear is a powerful force that has shaped the human psyche from the earliest primal stages of existence. Love is the ultimate understanding; it is empathy in action; and it is appreciation. Utilizing true knowledge and experience, each of us can formulate a world view that is more consistent with reality. This is a process that requires the uplift of your intellect, conscience, and your spirit. It is a difficult realization to put into action, but when people realize the problems we face as a global society are caused by fear and lack of love, the paradigm can shift and we will have truly taken a step forward in the evolution of mankind.