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Real estate valuation: how much is your house worth?

To make a real estate valuation, you have many ways, from the most complicated calculating it on your own to with a simple click. Today we will see how to know how much your house is worth. Let us begin!

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How much is my house worth?

Whether you choose to do it on your own or choose a valuation tool, it is important that you take into account how the price of a home is calculated. There are many determining factors when it comes to pricing and some make a lot of difference like location. Let's see what they are!

  • The location of the property. It is calculated that this factor is 40% of the price of the property and is that it is a fundamental part for the buyer. Not only if it is a good area or if it is well priced and also how well connected it is. In addition, the buyer's decision will also be based on personal factors such as proximity to work or if you are looking for an area with more leisure such as Gracia or something more familiar and quiet such as Poblenou.

  • The property . It is not only the location, but also how it is positioned within the building. An attic, which can be worth much more than a first, is not priced the same as a third floor. The orientation of the sun will also influence here.

  • Characteristics of the property. Both the square meters and the number of rooms are approximately 30% of the property price.

  • State of the property. Factors such as recent renovations, year of construction of the building and state in which it is will enter here.

  • Land registry data.  market value of housing, land and construction. There are also factors such as the cost of construction materials and taxes and even if the building has a historical-artistic character.

Real estate valuation with simulators

Housetimate is our valuation tool  so that you can check the price of your property. For this we use public data such as the cadastre that allow us to make an estimated valuation of the price of a home.

The data is extracted from different sources:

  • The current market, that is, the supply and demand that exists in the area.

  • The cadastre.

  • Real estate portals , in them we can find all the information we need to make market comparisons.

One of the great sources of information is the cadastre, although not all of it is public. If you are interested in knowing more information about the cadastre, you can consult it in different ways:

  • Electronic Headquarters of the Cadastre . It is the fastest, safest and most comfortable way to do it.

  • In person. You can go to the Town Hall or the Cadastre offices of your locality and with an identity document the cadastral reference will give you the information you need.

  • By phone. You can also call the cadastre website and with the DNI and cadastral reference they will give you the information you need by phone.


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