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I am the electronic composer Senator Jaiz, also known as Eban Crawford. I create music that is ambient, experimental, and sometimes symphonic in nature. I own the local Raleigh Label "Reaching for Lucidity" as well.

I have been producing electronic music since 2012 or so. Before that I was an old school punk, so yes, I am into extremes.

By day I work with the NC Museum of Natural Sciences where I create soundscapes and music for the museum events, exhibits, and media. I am also the audio engineer for the museum.

I am also a music educator and run the "No Permission Needed: Create" workshop. I bring this to schools and events as a way of teaching people that there are no real rules in creativity. I do this through teaching basic multitracking in Ableton Live, I have brought this workshop to Moogfest is 2016 and 2017.