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Ryan Bonner

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The highs and lows of family life, the incessant buzz of culture, and even the whispers of our deepest desires define the choices available to each of us every day. Ryan Bonner captures the essence of those choices and the fight to be real in an increasingly insincere culture with lyrics simultaneously hopeful and astringent. Ryan writes of his own work, “It’s a little bit like being a bootlegger of reality—you take these complex things and quietly distill them, hopefully, into something that’s simple but has punch.”

Ryan brings a vocal quality at home over bluesy, mellow southern tunes and soaring, driven anthems that tell stories standing at the intersection of faith, family and desire; he looks at them through a slightly twisted prism to bring out the subtler colors of meaning in each.

He is currently building toward the launch of his subscription content channel, powered by Patreon. Check back in September to receive exclusive content and behind-the-scenes updates at www.patreon.com/ryanbonner.