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Amber Echevarria / Hello Amber

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Originally from Chicago, I have experience in illustration, graphic design, social media management, art direction, hospitality, teaching & training. I am always up for a new challenge in creative fields and travel opportunities. You can almost always find me carrying around at least a few sharpies and definitely a notebook no matter how small.

Prior to moving to Raleigh, I worked as a freelance remote design & social media management assistant, taught English in Japan for 2+ years, and was a hospitality professional for nearly 7 years.
I earned a BFA [Advertising Art Direction] from Columbia College Chicago

Co-human of Munjo Munjo - check it out: or stop in the shop at 120 S Wilmington St. Raleigh, NC!

I am currently working as an artist, barista, and I also handle marketing & design for a local venue. ;)