Ariana Gershman

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Ariana Gershman

Artist- Printmaker- Small Business Owner

Member since Jul 24, 2017

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I'm an emerging artist and small business owner. When I'm not spending my free time indulging in the local art scene, you can find me drawing, playing music, or screenprinting stuff for Moon Rabbit Studio.

Artist Website:
Business Website:

About my artwork:
I am continually inspired by shapes and shadows of nature which are mark-makers of my work. My main focus is printmaking- I graduated the University of Florida with a BFA in Printmaking. I also create pen and ink drawings which I turn into screen prints and also delve into painting, ceramics, and photography.

About my business:
Moon Rabbit Studio offers hand-printed and crafted wares decorated with shapes extracted from nature.
We are lovers of mountains and swamps and city creatures with fluttering hearts. Moon Rabbit Studio also practices eco-friendly product creation; we use water-based inks in our wares and biodegradable printing products. We also offer products made from up-cycled and recycled materials and we recycle production waste.