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Unique Essay Topics


Are you a college student who has asked themselves "who is going to write my essay as I don't even know what topic I should choose?" It is a common issue many students face just because they couldn't decide an essay topic to write an essay.

 What is an Essay?

A typical piece of writing that involves some kind of writer's arguments, views or opinions is called an essay. There are many types of essay writing that are formal, informal, opinionated, narrative, argumentative and so on. All these types of essays serve different purposes and are certainly assigned as per various subjects and their requirements. 

Things to Keep in Mind While Writing an Essay

Every student want to know how to write a perfect essay? There are some instructions that you always have to follow whenever a certain essay is assigned to you. No matter what kind of essay you are supposed to write, you'll have to keep in mind a few things that are given below.

  • No Fluff Sentences Required

A 500 word essay is supposed to be clear in terms of justifying it's thesis statement. It shouldn't have any useless or fluff sentences that describe absolutely nothing. A short essay should be precise and only include useful information. 

  • Making an Outline

It is as important to make an outline in advance before writing the whole essay as it is a general practice of perfect essay writers. Creating an outline helps you already know in advance what you are going to write in your essay. It saves time, and saves you from any confusion 

  • Accurate Arguments

It is necessary to use arguments that actually support your thesis statement. The inaccurate and baseless arguments leave the readers in doubt. This kills the purpose of writing arguments in your essay to support your stance.

Unique Essay Topics

If you're looking for some unique essay topics, then don't worry. Following topics will help you in perfect essay writing.

1. Education

  • How important is education for everyone?

  • Is it good to assign homework every day?

  • Does getting an education really promises a high paid job?

  • Should children get freedom to choose art or science?

  • Is the education system reliable enough?

  • Why does one have to attend school everyday?

  • Is the online education system better, or the traditional teaching methods. 

2. Society

  • What role does a person play in the betterment of society?

  • Why has the world become an unbearable place to live?

  • Is it necessary to acknowledge every individual's culture and customs if they belong to somewhere else?

  • Is it okay to judge a person on their appearance?

  • Why is it so tough for women to survive in this society?

  • Is racism and discrimination actually a thing? 

3. Family

  • Why is it better to live with your family?

  • Does the culture of moving out make sense?

  • How to stay united and bound happily in a family system?

  • Is it actually right to let your children stay within your house, or getting them moved out to be independent?

  • Is the family system really healthy or one's privacy and mental health?

  • Why staying with parents could be the best decision?


The essays are always a never ending assignment coming in your way if you are a high school or college student. Writing a perfect essay could be a tough thing for some of you, but following the above-mentioned techniques can help you in perfect essay writing.


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