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Jane Cheek is a mixed media artist who works in an abstract expressionist style. Her work is an examination of the beautiful mess that is life, love, motherhood, friendship, and humanity. Cheek works with contradictory artistic elements such as: opacity and translucency; two dimensions and three; and structure and complete abstraction. She enjoys working with bright colors, metallic accents, and texture to create art that plays with whimsy and elegance. Jane’s color palette is inspired by nature, while her form and structure take inspiration from her life, both past and present. As a survivor living with PTSD, Cheek’s work is a daily practice of seeking and creating joy. She creates art that is about loss and sadness, happiness and adventure, and most importantly, hope.

Jane Cheek attended North Carolina State University where she received a BA in Visual Arts Applications. She then completed her K-12 Visual Arts Teacher Certification at Eastern Carolina University. After graduating, Jane taught art for five years at a K-8 charter school in Durham while working in her home studio and selling work at local art fairs. She took a few years off while her three children were newborns and then resumed work in her home studio. Jane has exhibited her art through out The Triangle, including at 311 Gallery, United Arts Council, and The Arts Center. She volunteers with Artsplosure and teaches art to local homeschoolers. When she isn’t working on art, she and her family can be found living the unschooling life at local parks and museums, and travelling as often as possible.