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Slater Mapp

Arts Consultant and Artist

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Slater Mapp has been involved in Arts Education since 1996. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Studio Art from the University of Richmond, a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Arts Education from Virginia Commonwealth University, and a Masters in Arts Education from Virginia Commonwealth University. He taught elementary art for ten years in a Blue Ribbon Programs/Primary Years Program International Baccalaureate School in Virginia. He then taught in North Carolina for five years and served Wake County Public Schools as the Coordinating Teacher for K-12 Professional Development.

At the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, Mr. Mapp works with arts education leaders around the state and nationally to facilitate the implementation of Comprehensive Arts Education in North Carolina, as specified in Senate Bill 66 (2010). He works closely with staff within the NC Department of Public Instruction and partners with many external groups, including serving as an ex-officio consultant to statewide arts education professional organizations such as the North Carolina Art Education Association, the North Carolina Dance Education Organization. Mr. Mapp represents the State Superintendent on the board of the North Carolina Museum of Art. Mr. Mapp’s work additionally includes working with Institutes of Higher Education, the Department of Cultural Resources, the A + Schools Program of the NC Arts Council, Arts Access, and other statewide partners to create collective impact around Comprehensive Arts Education.

Mr. Mapp is an active member of the State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education (SEADAE) and is the editor of their blog. In addition to working for NCDPI he also teaught courses in Visual Arts Education Methods, PreK-12, at Meredith College in Raleigh, NC.

Mr. Mapp has been married to archeologist Kathy Mapp for 22 years, has two daughters attending local public schools, and two mischievous dogs. He is a photographer and enjoys spending time with his family discovering his newly adopted state of North Carolina.​