Emery Kiefer

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Emery Kiefer

Climate Scientist by day, Recovering Artist by night

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Emery is a recent graduate of North Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resources: Policy and Administration. She is deeply passionate about uniting climate science and decision makers through communication. During her college career, she worked with the environmental non-profit: The Climate Reality Project to co-found an international student-led campaign for 100% renewable energy on college campuses worldwide. Emery has spoken on climate communications and student power at numerous events including panels with Former Vice President Al Gore, Rocky Mountain Institute Co-founder and Chief Scientist Amory Lovins, Emmy Award Winning Documentarian Josh Fox, and others. After graduating this past May, she has begun working as a Climate Science Communications Intern at the Department of the Interior's Southeast Climate Science Center.

...Oh, and she went to art school her entire life until college. STEM took over for 4 years and now that she is graduated she is looking to reinvest her self in art.

Hobbies include drinking lattes with too many shots of espresso, spending all my money on food and plants, and internet stalking Al Gore.