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It is increasingly difficult to find clients for real estate, many clients visit the stand just to speculate about the project and are not interested in buying a property.

The broker, contrary to what many people think, is not limited only in the sale of real estate, he is also responsible for attracting potential clients, in addition to managing the portfolio of clients and properties.

Due to the increase in online communication, there are several ways you can attract new customers, advertising your properties with practicality and ease, achieving a great result. See below for tips on how to attract clients for real estate.

Publicize your property. It is very difficult for the customer to contact the broker directly, the first search he performs is on the Internet, so you need to be present in all channels where you can perform the search:


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Real Estate Portals

Real estate portals are gaining more and more space, as more and more customers look for this tool to find the property of their dreams. Advertising on portals such as Zap iMovie’s , Viv areal , Mitul , Villisca and many others free or paid, increases your chances of getting potential customers.

free classifieds sites

Classifieds is a great option for those who cannot invest in paid classifieds sites. You can advertise your properties without having to pay anything for it. The downside is that you can't claim certain things like a quick update and ads persisting for long periods of time.

Personal Website with CRM (Customer Relationship)

A personal website is essential for you to be able to retain and attract new customers, using portals and classifieds advertising your property with your email address, there will come a point that your customers no longer seek in these tools to go straight to your website. Don't forget that it always needs to be up to date. A CRM for real estate is very valid to provide a more complete and personalized service.

Appear on social media

Social networks have become the main form of communication, Facebook is the main platform, and that's where you need to be present and active. You can have your personal profile and a fan page so that you can promote your properties and attract new customers. Don't forget to use your personal profile to publicize the properties on your fan page, this way your friends will also be able to share your publications and spread your content throughout the network.

Be remembered by everyone (Branding)

Whenever you are going to respond to an email or send any information, whether to a client or not, have your email signature complete, such as: Name, email, CRECI. Your contacts should not only appear in your e-mail, but also on your business card, in the disclosure of your properties, on your profile and on your fan page. The important thing is that you become a reference and when necessary, your contact will always be at hand.

On-Site Real Estate Sign:

It is a traditional form of disclosure, but still very important, as the interested party is already in front of the property, has already visited the region and if he is interested, the possibility of completing the deal is gigantic. Therefore, value signs and make pieces very clear, with legible text and proportional sizes for good viewing and reading.

You can also use some real estate software that generates QR Code to implement on your boards, for quick access by smartphones. Traditional advertising pieces, when well done, are still very welcome and efficient, such as: business cards, flyers, folders, key chains, among others.

Chat System (Online Broker)

Online chat and chat service is increasingly present and effective for sales and negotiations. Have this tool on your website and boost your sales. There are many platforms in this regard. vile Imo already offers the CRM with the chat tool for broker.

So, what do you think? Is there any other tool you would like to share with us, please participate by leaving your comment? The vile Imo team wishes everyone success and a warm hug.


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