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Rah Carnell

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Rah BC is a professional saxophonist out of Charleston SC. He began playing the saxophone about 16 years ago and has loved every second of the journey. He has a resume that sounds like its straight out of a New York Times Best Seller. As a young 17 year old a young Rah had a falling out with his father which left him looking for a home. so he began playing in the downtown area of his city on the street-sides to make money. During this time he frequented a pool hall where a hustler took him in and taught him how to hone his pool shooting skills and use them to create income, and this is how he saved up to rent his first place. After struggling for a bit at 17 on his own Rah ended up leaving the streets and hustling to join the United States Marine Corps. When Rah initially joined the corps he auditioned for the Marine Corps Band and actually got in. The USMC Band is where Rah really honed his musical skills. He graduated early from the Armed Forces School of Music and was granted a coveted position in The Presidents Own in Marine Corps Barracks Washington DC but due to unforeseen circumstances only served 18 months on that prestigious post. After DC Rah was reclassified as an infantryman and reported to The Marine Corps School of Infantry at Camp Geiger NC. From there he would pursue a career as a professional infantryman in the USMC completing numerous specialized schools such as Reconnaissance, Special operations Training, Dive, HALO and Airborne. Unfortunately Rah suffered a career killing injury during combat and was Medically retired. After his medical Retirement Rah had the time to fully pursue music again. Rah threw all of his time into developing his musical talent and it paid off. He has shared the stage with many greats in the industry such as Brian Mcknight, Jay Z, Norman Conners, Joe Sample, Ledisi,Fantasia, and many many more. He recently toured with the world famous Fatback Band founded by Bill Curtis which was one of the greatest pioneers in Funk Music. He’s been to many countries around the world performing in war and peace.