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Becca Rae Greene


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Becca Rae is a singer-songwriter based out Southern Pines, NC. Best known for her stop-and-stare vocals and emotionally charged lyrics, Becca Rae has established herself as one of the area’s most talented and hardest working musicians. Before relocating to the Pines in 2012, Becca Rae had already released two original albums, opened for legendary artists like Loretta Lynn, and spent years honing her skills in Nashville, TN. Now a local mainstay, Becca Rae continues to pursue her career by performing live, continually writing new material, and preparing to release her third album in 2018. Becca Rae’s classic country music style and sound appeal to fans from all walks of life, and her honest approach to songwriting makes her original music relatable and enduring. Fans can find Becca Rae on iTunes, Facebook, and her official website: