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Kattalax is the electronic duo of Paul Gallant (vocals, lyrics, multi-instrumentalist) and Wayne Leechford (multi-instrumentalist, producer) from Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.

Paul and Wayne have been musical collaborators since the 1990s. Paul and Wayne have very different musical backgrounds. Paul is a DIY musician with many past bands and he has penned scores of original songs. Wayne is a classically trained and career professional multi-instrumental musician with stage credits ranging from Aretha Franklin to Idina Menzel and nationally touring Broadway shows.

“Smokey saxophone-filled electronic exploration that journeys from cyberpunk alleyways to the stars and back… bounding bass lines and ear-grabbing melodies.” -Artiphon

“Vocoder-heavy conceptual lyrics, unusual instruments and driven by electronic beats. What results is a richly-textured ride, guided by two staples of the Triangle music scene.” -The Triangle Guide